The best temperature control comes with an HVAC zoning system.

Can you imagine the control you could enjoy by having your bedroom set a different temperature than your downstairs living room? Or, if you could turn off access to a less used room, that home office that you just HAD to have, while still keeping the rest of your home at premium home comfort levels? Zoning makes this possible.


A whole-home HVAC zoning system gives you the power to divide your home by room or groups of rooms and set those areas to their own, unique temperature setting. Maybe you like to sleep in a cooler bedroom but want to be nice and cozy while you watch television in the living room. Zone heating and cooling systems give you that power.

The iQ Zone system is the only zone home heating and cooling system that works seamlessly with the patented iQ Drive controller - which is necessary for the ultra-high-efficiency 25.5 SEER iQ Drive® air conditioner and 22 SEER heat pump. With the iQ Zone system you can control up to 8 separate comfort zones, partitioned off by 32 dampers.

You can also set a comfort schedule that cuts off or opens up access to different zones at various times of the day. If you come home from work at 5, you can keep the system running minimally throughout the day and have it kick into high gear just before you get home - providing the ideal combination of home comfort and energy savings.

An iQ Drive system is easy for your contractor to install. The iQ Zone system contains daisy chain wiring and requires no additional add-on boards.

Now, the biggest benefit of a zoning system - the additional energy savings. iQ Drive systems are already at the peak of HVAC system efficiency. However, when you pair one of these systems with the iQ Zone heating and cooling system, you can increase your energy savings by up to 12 percent.

Our iQ Drive gas pack and up to 20 SEER split-system can be zoned with any zoning system on the market for similar energy savings, convenience and comfort.