How iQ Drive Works

iq drive inverter

Air conditioning inverter technology makes an iQ Drive® system reach outstanding efficiency levels.

In order to reach such high levels of efficiency, our air conditioners and heat pumps are constructed with exceptional technology. The inverter-driven, rotary compressor in each of these units help the system modulate capacities in order to exactly meet the cooling needs of your home. Here is a breakdown of how this technology aids in increasing the comfort of your home and can decrease how much you pay on cooling costs.

iQ Drive® air conditioners, heat pumps and gas packs utilize inverter-driven rotary technology, and they were the first ducted applications of this technology in North America.

Inverter technology is mainly found in ductless mini-splits as it was developed for the Asian markets as a way to achieve high efficiency with very little noise. The iQ Drive system's inverter component converts the electrical current from AC to DC and, in doing so, can almost infinitely vary the compressor and fan motor speeds.

Inverter-driven rotary technology is different in that it is almost always running. The unit can modulate from as low as 40 percent to as high as 118 percent of capacity, instantly adjusting to exactly offset the cooling demands on the house. Because iQ Drive systems don't cycle on and off like traditional systems they save a lot of energy and considerably reduces sound levels. In fact, sound ratings are from 59 to 72 decibels - some of the lowest in the industry.

The money you spend on cooling your home during the summer will comprise the majority of your utility expenses each month. The inverter in an iQ Drive system can help cut back on those monthly expenses. Who doesn't want to save a little extra each month?

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