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Dehumidification assistance comes standard with an iQ Drive® system.

Did you know that home comfort and energy savings can be increased through humidity control? During the summer, when humidity levels can be high, the inside of your home can feel even warmer if humidity control isn't a priority. A humid home is a hotter home. While it may be beneficial to maintain a higher humidity level in your home during the winter, it is best practice to keep humidity levels low during the summer for superior home comfort.

Humidity control is an additional way an iQ Drive system can benefit you even more. While energy efficiency and quiet operation come standard with any iQ Drive air conditioner or heat pump, you can also expect to gain additional humidity control with these innovative systems. The dehumidification systems in iQ Drive systems are patented - meaning no other system dehumidifies quite the same way.

As it is, you will already be receiving exceptionally high cooling efficiency with the FS4BI air conditioner - up to 25.5 SEER! In addition, if you can remove some of the humidity from the air you may be able to set the thermostat a few degrees warmer without losing any home comfort. If your air conditioner doesn't have to work as hard to reach an ideal temperature, you could save more energy and, in turn, money on your cooling costs. Your air conditioner or heat pump can be the biggest energy guzzler in your home so it is important that every measure of conservation is employed.

If you live in an area with very high relative humidity, you may need an additional dehumidification assistance in order to truly reap the benefits that comes with decreased home humidity. However, if you do live in an area that doesn't experience high-humidity levels, your iQ Drive air conditioner or heat pump may be able to cover all of your dehumidification needs.

The dehumidification technology inside an iQ Drive unit is unique

The first priority of any iQ Drive system is always to achieve comfort by controlling the air temperatures. Once that requirement is met, the system analyzes humidity levels and uses its variable-speed blower to remove moisture from the air. Many systems remove moisture from the evaporator coil by slowing down the blower; however an iQ Drive product also monitors evaporator temperature so that the coil will never freeze. After dehumidifying for a set time, the blower periodically speeds up again so that air remains uniformly distributed and well-mixed.

Our newest additions - the up to 19 SEER iQ Drive heat pump and 20 SEER iQ Drive gas/electric packaged unit - can also work to dehumidify the home, but in a different way. For a dehumidification function, these models must be paired with a thermostat that includes a humidity output terminal. The thermostat will then slow the blower down when humidity removal is demanded.