Introducing a new split-system heat pump up to 19 SEER, and a 20 SEER gas pack. Efficient, Innovative, Smart An incredibly quiet, unbelievably energy efficient way to cool your home. At up to 24.5 SEER, iQ Drive® stands apart from the crowd because of its unmatched efficiency Inverter-Driven Rotary Technology Why you won't have toturn up the TV when the air conditioner kicks on. iQ Drive® air conditioners and heat pumps are unlike any heating and cooling system you've had before.

Available Brands

Comfort that Fits Your Life

Frigidaire is known for well-performing appliances that make lives easier. When it comes to keeping your home comfortable, the Frigidaire iQ Drive system is no exception.

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Welcome to Our World

You'll find the Westinghouse brand in more than 100 countries, providing home comfort through light bulbs, LCD televisions and 25.5-SEER iQ Drive air conditioners.

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Innovation in Airflow

From range hoods to bath fans to iQ Drive air conditioners, Broan is a name present in almost all North American homes. You can count on a Broan iQ Drive system to keep your home incredibly comfortable.

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Built-Tough Products

Tappan iQ Drive heating and cooling products are "Tappan Tough" – with durable performance backed by a long-lasting 10-year parts warranty (product registration required).

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What's Inside Matters

Maytag® iQ Drive systems are iqoption dependable and strong. You can rely on Maytag® to keep your home exceptionally comfortable.

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For Your Life. Style. Home.

From central vacuum systems to ventilation fans to high-efficiency iQ Drive heat pumps, NuTone products are smart ideas that create a more livable home.

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We're not the only ones who think innovative iQ Drive heating and cooling systems iqoptions are pretty special.

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